A 2econd Opinion? Why? Who needs that?

Pick one:
A. Learn to control inflammation at the cell level, now, using lifestyle. 

B. Treat disease at the organ, gland, & tissue level, later, with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.


 Dr. Jeff Prystupa

Dr. Jeff Prystupa

Dr. Jeffrey Prystupa

Alternative Health Prophet 

Dr. Jeff Prystupa offers his patients and clients an un-matched educational, philosophical, historical, and experiential background. 

"It doesn't look broken to me. I did not look broken before I learned the Universal Field Theory, and it certainly cannot be seen as broken now. So what does that mean for you? In short, if you want to learn what the other doctors think is wrong with your body, what I call the First Opinion, if you want to find out what ways in which the other doctors think you are broken, go talk with them. They have a head full of wrong ideas about you. They will treat and not cure what they tell you is wrong. More pills.

But if you want to know what is correct about your body, why it is doing what it is doing, because it is correct to do so, think more on the cell level, then get A 2econd Opinion. The cells are always correct in their response to their environment. The cells know what to do - the doctors do not.

Your body is far better made and far more self-reliant and capable than the First Opinion doctors believe and treat it to be. Learn what you can do, learn what you need to do, to preserve your health by beginning to consider your cells and what they need to be healthy. Take care of them and you will not need to take care of you.  


She never returned ... Did he kill her?

Jeffrey Atherton Web Solutionist

I first met him in media class. The students called this 'older guy' in class - "Dr. Jeff". Perhaps since it was a media school and students were working on radio and video production, he would rehearse  some segments for his radio show work. I listened out of the corner of my ear to his quips, anecdotes, and analogies about health. Somewhat of an alternative type myself, his words and message resonated with me. Come to learn later, that Dr. Jeff and I even had some common friends and acquaintances. To shorten the story, when Dr. Jeff later asked me to direct his Social Media campaign, I accepted readily. His work is both important and empowering. It's been a pleasure for me to work with this dedicated seeker of the truth. My personal suggestion is to take some time here and let this new perspective fall like soft rain on your renewed mind. And if you want some help with your social media - feel free to contact me directly. I asked Dr. Jeff about saying that and he said that he approved this message. "

As a singer and actress, I demand a lot from my body. I get aches and pains that I know are normal, but can't hang around - I have too much to do because I also run a household full of kids. Dr. Jeff is a masterful adjustor - one of the gifted ones - if you are experienced in Chiropractic. He went to the school in Iowa, where Chiropractic began. I used to suffer from migraines and sciatic and he showed me how both problems were actually part of the same 'shift' in my posture. I demand a lot from my body and with Dr. Jeff to kept it aligned and efficient, I enjoy both the best of health and the highest level of performance possible. If you have not been to a Chiropractor or want a second opinion about the care you receive, go get a second opinion. You will be glad you did.

Natalie Oliver Singer/Actress

My invitation is to join in the awakening community of those who realize that Life is what it is - and is not what we want to make it, believe it to be, or perceive it to be. The world is as it is - like our yin/yang symbol - it is all there is - within and without - expressing its eternal Nature and Divine or Perfect power. This power directs the affairs of the cells of its Creation. Directing them to divide and grow and seek energy from the sunlight in the minerals that cells get in the bloodstream. The bloodstream in the body replaces a river or a stream for cells.
If you understand that there is no possibility of error on the part of the cell, and you want to learn how to allow your cells to do all the work, and to rest your worried mind about disease, then you have found the destination of your quest. Join the discussion. Join the shift in consciousness from ego-centered to life-centered. We are not our job, we are Her job. Let go and live as Nature intended for you. This is A 2econd Opinion. 
I approve this website.
Dr. Jeff Prystupa

Added thought: What are you that Mother Nature planted in Her garden to bring forth? What flavor does She expect you to bring to Her salad? What did She have in Her mind when She choose you to be born? What is Mother Nature's plan for your life? I offer A 2econd Opinion about the answer to this question. You won't hear this one in school, church, or on TV. ​