Philosophy: The First Opinion is broken – so get another one.

Disease was cured

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The History Of A 2econd Opinion


A 2econd Opinion sums up the perspective produced by my health career of: treating patients; conducting independent research on cancer, toxicity, and lifestyle; writing; publishing; public speaking; thermography; and Yoga.

Simplifying the balance between opposing forces which is necessary for existence, the circular black and white symbol for yin/yang, provides an excellent logo.

If we were sharing a rock streamside and you asked me why I was doing this 2econd Opinion thing, I would say that it is because it frees people and allows them to be happier, more joyful, more expressive of what Mother Nature intended for her purposes for our existence.

After all, She planted us here in Her garden for Her purposes, not our purposes. We are far too temporary to be here to accomplish our purposes. What purpose could there be for a species like ours with a 75 year life span? Good question. Raise your hand and ask.

About Dr. Jeffrey Prystupa

What can I tell you about myself that is relevant to you? 

You, the reader, have found your way to this online resource. What kind of information is here? Why is this information placed here? What is the agenda behind the efforts to create this website and these blogs, and postings? Why is this person sharing this information?​ Are there blind spots to this information? Does the information represent a bias? Is that a dangerous bias? 

For example, there are some natural doctors who completely shun other forms of health care. These 'hard-liners' do not recognize the necessity for proper medical intervention. I am not one of those doctors. It is my responsibility as a doctor and as a human being to alleviate and cure the cause of disease. When that care requires medical intervention for surgery, prescription management, etc., I refer to my medical colleagues for their care.

We can begin to rebuild at the cell level, as soon as the medical​ emergency has passed. With a background in medicine, I know when it is safe to use natural methods and which ones, as well as, when we need to move this case to crisis care to calm things down for a bit first. This experience only comes with years of practice - which I offer my patients at no added charge. I know when we have time to let things heal and when we need to put out the fire. Safety first - do no harm. Which is why I like Thermography so much - great images AND completely safe. So welcome. I invite you to learn on your own - ask questions.

Here is a trustworthy saying: "Learn how to operate your body, or someone else will operate on it for you."

 We borrow some help from Rudyard Kipling in the form of six servants and we use them to tell you about our work here at A 2econd Opinion.

Health is far more mental than physical.

The following discussion may be helpful if you are looking for something lost – such as health or something worth pursuing, like being happy.

Welcome – meet my servants.

“I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
I send them over land and sea,
I send them east and west;
But after they have worked for me,
I give them all a rest.

I let them rest from nine till five,
For I am busy then,
As well as breakfast, lunch, and tea,
For they are hungry men.”
Rudyard Kipling

“Hi – Everybody – Dr. Jeff here.”

Welcome to A 2econd Opinion. We venture from where we are now, our present status and location, to some new ones. The work in this social media platform is made possible by forces beyond and yet within. Forces that work deeply in Creation, all the way down to the cell level, are expressed. This is the perspective employed here: looking at Life from the cell level and outward. To aid us in our walk along a new path in the woods, we will employ Mr. Kiplings six faithful servants to guide us and carry the heavy stuff.

Who – your host Dr. Jeff Prystupa. On this page, you can learn the sources of his perspective. Who is bringing forth this teaching? What kind of education does he hold?

What – this page is about A 2econd Opinion. What is meant by that? What is A 2econd Opinion? Information, contrasts, competition, evaluation, evolution, objectivity, recommendations, suggestions, and thoughts.

Why – the main reason that A 2econd Opinion is being constructed is because of the realization that on planet Earth, there is only one species ill, sick, diseased, and dying slowly All the other species – from bacteria to mice, from rats to whales, insects, birds, everything else in its niche is healthy. Whoa, dude. What’s with that? That is what the ‘why’ page is about: Health lives in the cell. Disease lives in the human mind. (Not in man’s cells.) Read all about it …. And join the discussion.

Where – short answer: At the cell level. This is a fun page. Lots of cool photos – this is not science class – okay, yes, it is – sort of – a lot like science class – should be. Look at this page – it has a photo of you as early as one cell old. That’s rather new. You are a big cell bag – this page gives your cells some love. Let your cells do all the work.

When – this is a great question. We will ‘riff on this one a lot. When? This is perhaps the most important question of all – because as the Acapulco cliff divers know – your best efforts made at the wrong time will not bring you what you desire. When, this question opens the door for me to introduce one of my favorite people – Eckhart Tolle. Here is one ‘potato chip’ from Mr. Tolle: “Whatever you perceive you lack, you are withholding from the world.” Noting that those ‘shoes’ do not fit well when you put them on, offers an opportunity for welcome change.

How – this page is anchored in the ancient wisdom that first flowed down the Mountains into the Indus-Svast region of the East, known today as Yoga. The ancient teachers sought to liberate their students from the confines of the embedded ‘Annunaki-sourced’ mindset of servitude. The human being is made to become habituated, reflexed, habit-forming, because of the function and structure of the human brain. Those traits work both favorably as well as unfavorably on our behalf. We must discriminate as it comes to forming tendencies – we do not want to adopt limitations and yet we must grow beyond un-thinking decision-making. What if someone always turned ‘left’ at every intersection? The How page is for getting control of yourself – gaining a true sense of who you are in totality of your being – merging and melting together all aspect of your being – the physical side and the health that resides in all your cells – the spiritual side that contemplates the breath and understands its place in time – being layered together like the black and white yin/yang symbol – into peace, joy, happiness, and when we relax into it – bliss. (Dr. Jeff: “relaxing into bliss is still a bit further along in my apparent present stretching schedule – lol”) How?

How do I know that bliss is further down the road for me?

Fair question and a good example of what this page is about. For the answer – go to the How page. We will start with this question. Why is bliss ‘down the road’ and not attainable at this moment?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing about or on these pages is to be considered medical advice. When crisis conditions call for emergency medical care, please seek medical attention. I love Natural Health Care, but when I broke my leg, I sought the very best medical care available. I appreciate and am thankful for all the work done by my medical colleagues and friends. My associates know how I value their assistance.

But, A 2econd Opinion is about EARLIER. The best time to treat a large problem is when it is still a small problem. This explains my approach at the cell level stage of inflammation. If we learn to control inflammation at the cell level with our lifestyle choices (anti-inflammatory) now, then we will not treat disease (chronic or unaddressed inflammation) at the organ, gland, and tissue level, with drugs, surgery and radiation, later. A 2econd Opinion is now. The First Opinion (medical) comes later, as ironic at that may seem. We show this on the Graph of Life.

Another disclaimer: Repeated advice from many sources is being ignored. One of the persistent comments I receive about my writing and speaking is that it is too intellectual. “It is over people’s heads.” I hear. Not my problem, folks. I refuse to dumb this down for anyone. I ask you instead to smarten up a bit if necessary. I say things plainly and clearly, with lots of photos, illustrations, examples, references, and what is most required to keep up with the narrative is Will Rogers’s style common sense. If it is white and black with stripes in the general topography of a horse, let’s call that a Zebra, shall we? Another easy example – if you want to think of a cell, think of an ear of corn, each kernel is a cell on the cob. Understanding does not depend on knowledge – but rather listening. Learn to still the mind, so Nature can speak to you. In the quiet, in the absence of your thoughts, she will whisper amazing things. And she won’t dumb them down – there is no need – the heart affirms what the mind hears in truth. An underlying theme of this site is Bob Marley’s observation: “None but ourselves can free our minds.”

Enjoy the site. I look forward to hearing from you. I am always available to those who seek another perspective. I offer A 2econd Opinion from a perspective that nothing is broken, it is as it is, life is lived from the cell level outward. If we are to fix the world, we must begin with ourselves. I suggest that starting at the cell level, could be very helpful.

Dr. Jeff Prystupa

A 2econd

I approve this website.