Mayo Clinic: new study supports A 2econd Opinion

Mayo Clinic researchers demonstrate value of second opinions April 4, 2017, Mayo Clinic News Network… Many patients come to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion or diagnosis confirmation before treatment for a complex condition. In a new study, Mayo Clinic reports that as many as 88 percent of those patients go home with a […]

When you need A 2econd Opinion.

Question: “When do I need A 2econd opinion?” Answer: “When you learn that the First opinion is broken.” Question: “Broken ‘First opinion?'” Answer: “Yes. The first opinion is medical. A pill for every ill – real or imagined.” Question: “What is wrong with that?” Answer: “The only opinion that determines what patients get,  is the […]

The Earth as a single cell. It has a series of membranes surrounding it – layers of the atmosphere – that serve to protect and selectively filter what passes through, like the cell membrane. The Earth, like the cell, gets it energy from the Sun. Like the cell, it is about two-thirds water – (on […]