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“Re-consider yourcellf.”

That is my entire message.

Think about yourself at the cell level. Re-consider yourcellf.

Think again about who you are.

Take another attempt at defining who you think really are.

Consider the possibility that there is more to know about you.

Allow the possibility that you are far more than you think.

If you will entertain a new thought – then a new direction becomes possible.

If you change – the world will change for you.

If you desire to grasp the power of the ten little words: “If it is to be – it is up to me.”

Then perhaps you will benefit from the alternative views, perceptions, perspectives, observations, and conclusions presented here.


It is from a deep love and appreciation for all that is manifesting, that these perspectives, these perceptions, these observations arise. With a little help from my friends, a new outlook revealed itself. This one came fitted with additional room for growth and expansion. I finally let my dogma off the leash and it has run away.

The more I am able to empty the perspective of ‘me’ – then the more things are able to be seen as they really are – and not so much how my thinker/narrator/judge/main actor/ego self-form/imagined thought-form/historical ‘Jeff’ believes they are – if you know what I mean.

I thank you for allowing this opportunity to share and pass along what has fallen or been shown to me. May we live well and prosper as Nature intends. ‘Perfection and its expression‘ is the theme of my work – my joy to engage in, actually. What founds the spring of the stream of the narrative is a life spent compromised between two worlds.

Since an NDE at 17,  I have lived with an awareness of the unseen force of Creation. I do not believe in God. Rather, I observe, interact with, and express God. If God exists, then I am IT. This is not blasphemy, but is a completely logical extension of the fact there ALL that exists is God, being made by God using all God-made or OEM materials – how could it or us – be anything else in a Unified Field starting with a ‘Big-Bang’ beginning?

“It doesn’t look broken to me – neither the Earth nor the people on it.”

The previous statement is an example of A 2econd Opinion. The first opinion treats everything as broken.

Most other doctors ask: What’s wrong?” I ask different questions based on the observation that cells ALWAYS adapt in correct fashion. Cells always do the right thing and engage in healing and self-protective activities CONSTANTLY. Let’s ask better questions. “Why is this expression the correct one?”

This line of constant questioning – tracking the truth – searching for the ‘control points’ – has led to inflammation. For me, this is the end of the line. The Holy Grail has been found. I have climbed the last mountain.

Here, in the heat of inflammation, we find an oasis – a place of refreshment. This is the crossroads between health and disease. Inflammation is the axis upon which cell stress spins, turns or rotates back into health again OR starts speeding down the hill in the direction of increasing stress, cell dysfunction, and growing disease expression.

But, at inflammation, we can change the course of our journey. The point of inflammation marks, signals, and becomes, decision time.

When inflammation strikes, the disease process has begun. We now have the new option – control inflammation at the cell level and avoid treating disease at the organ, gland or tissue level. That is quite a major advancement – one that you will not read about on the evening news.

If you want to change your life – not just think about it some more, but actually take action in a Tony Robbins fashion – kawabunga – then jump or walk, take a step, take a leap, of personal liberation.

If you desire to place attention on your intention and co-create the life that perhaps, Mother Nature had in mind for you when She planted you in her garden, then yes, by all means, take a step and contact me.

My purpose and goal is help all of us become better decision-makers, and even, better question-askers. If we can learn to ask better questions, we can grow far faster than if we if settle for mediocre answers. I want to help us all show up aligned – in posture, in purpose, and in expression inside-out.

Reconsider yourcellf. Start by taking a simple inventory, take a sheet of paper and on one side write the things that you feel support you and on the other side, list what you feel does not support you. The plan is to start doing/using more support things while letting go of more and more resistance, by not choosing ‘non-support’ things.

Maybe this is all too new. We fear the unknown and perhaps starting something, anything, new – well, maybe you are not ready to START right now. Good, too. Why? Because you can begin by doing nothing – but rather watching. Just observe yourcellf now.

Gain some perspective on yourcellf by just looking at what you do, what do you say? What are your habits? What do you instinctively reach for when you snack? What do you do for exercise? How much do you move your cells? Ask yourcellf questions, begin to start by growing some awareness. Plant some new seeds in the mind’s garden. This major step doesn’t even cost anything. I’m sure insurance covers it.

Go ahead. See who you might really or truly be. Enjoy the health that your cells know how to express. Become what Mother Nature planted you in her garden to express. You are not your job. Mother Nature chose you because She wants your flavor in her salad.

You will hear me say: “I am Dr. Jeff Prystupa and I approve this message.”